Manila, January 2006 … an International Cat Show of the superlative!

You could also say: pure luxury, for you can assess this super show only in this manner.

The show had been financed with a five-digits Dollars amount by the firm of Whiskas/Philippines as well as by Manila’s Galleria Trade Hall / Robinsons’s Galleria, the Manila Bulletin, by Animal Scene (comparable with Katzen Extra) and both sponsors of the EGCA e. V. . As the club itself has got only financially strong members too, this show could become a true media event.

After – in January 2005 – the first Cat Show on the Philippines and simultaniously the first International Cat Show in Asia hat taken place by European rules – the rules of the EGCA e.V. (European Group Cat Association) -, and Mr Lohff and I had thought that it could never be topped, we were set right in this January 2006.

Like in the last year, our Philippinian Club „Philippine United Society of Ailurophiies/PUSA“ – the flagship of the EGCA clubs – organized its Third and Fourth International Cat Show on 8th January 2006 in Manila.

The show was kept under surveillance by security persons all day long, so there couldn’t be any unpleasant surprises.

Without any interference of self-appointed European authorities of the cat scene this show was the best organized which my registered partner and I might ever have experienced in our nearly twenty-years-old career as cat judges.

The new president of the club, Mr Logan Lo, the candidate the EGCA had requested, had let this show become to an hight light event on the Philippines – thank of his connections to the highest circles of Philippine people.

Thinking of about 15 millions inhabitants only in Manila with some very rich and unfortunately many more very poor Philippinos – the city adequately divided into few noble districts, not open for everybody and on the other side divided into many poor districts -, we Europeans find this condition strange at first and we are nearly outraged at this. But the cheerful Philippinos – always fond of life – don’t seem to to be touched by this. For all these people this situation is quite normal, and nearly no poor person hates the rich ones.

Fortunately the number of the members of PUSA had doubled, so there were exposed 86 cats of different races for this time.

During the whole show the club afforded two well-known professional TV presenters, who were able to cover up their ignorance about the different cat races and their standards in such an exaggerated manner, that exhibitors and visitors were laughing all day long.

The Philippinian Television was also there the whole day and switched in intervals live the running programmes.

As we, the judges, had our working tables directly in front of the stage, we were currently closed into the presenting and into interviews with the TV presenters, and as my English is rather limited, my registered partner Mr Lohff permanently had to offer his services – whether he liked it or not – as a third TV presenter and for interviews. Congratulations from me, for even I had never thought he would have been capable of that! He got involved in all questions and interviews in a cool and professional manner, so that even I was very impressed.

After the twenty hours lasting flight – anyway booked for us First Class at Emirates from Frankfurt, we stayed – from the 3rd January – in the noble banking and hotel district Makati, in the five stars hotel DUSIT, directly in front of the world-wide well-known AYALACENTRE, the Metro Manila and the Glorietta Galleries.

Although this hotel didn’t leave any desires open, we experienced in the evening after the Cat Show for the first time to be VIP guests. There they had not only seen us on TV, but they had also found out the reason of our stay in Manila.

>From this moment we were the absolute „Stars“ in this luxury hotel, and they anticipated all our wishes.

Unfortunately my partner and I as cat judges had often made the experience, that – after the judging and the Best in Show – absolutely nobody from the different clubs took care of us anymore. But that was extremely different under the new president Mr Logan Lo in Manila.

He and four other directors, but also members of the club were responsible for us in daily changing, so that one event followed the other. On one-day- and two-day-excursions with staying in a hotel and by climated car, by ship or plane they showed us wonderful islands in the neighbourhood, and so we got to know the country and the people.

Only to become acquainted with the night-life of Manila a little bit, we’ll have to visit this fascinating city many times more.

Travesty shows and in Europe hardly imaginable sex shows, revues, National Theatre, ballett, opera and much more had been booked for us every day, but not without taking an excellent meal in a noble restaurant before or after the event.

On 14th January we and about fifty club members of PUSA had been invited fo an excellent several-courses dinner by the firm of Whiskas in a superior Korean restaurant. After the dinner Mr Lohff and I returned the favour with an open forum, where we explained the different races and standards by a film, which had been given to us by the CFA, and where we answered all the questions.

Money doesn’t seem to play a role in our PUSA club, for Mr Lohff and I were not allowed to pay anything by ourselves, and also the public had free entrance during the cat show.

I could tell so much more, but it is impossible to apreciate this best-organized Supershow as it deserves it.

We can only say again and again: that was absolutely super … and many thanks to the President Mr Logan Lo, the other directors and to the many members of the Club, who had prepared for us an unforgettable nearly four-weeks-lasting stay in Manila on the Philippines.

Before all we thank cordially for the new invitation in January 2007.

Thank you, thank you, thank you very very much!

Registered Partners

Jürgen Lohff   &  Friedemann Stein

Geschäftsführender Präsident EGCA e. V. Generalsekretär EGCA e. V.

Int. Allbreed Judge EGCA + TICA GJ Int. Allbreed Judge EGCA +TICA GJ